Fast Facts about the Surveys

These quick guides help orient users of the national surveys to their content and design.  For a more detailed look at the content of each survey, please see the Guide to Topics and Questions. For more on the sampling and methodology of the survey, please see the Survey Methods and Documentation page.

National Survey of Children’s Health

Fast Facts about the 2011-12 NSCH

What's New in 2011/12 NSCH

List of Chronic Conditions in 2011/12 NSCH

Fast Facts about the 2007 NSCH

List of Chronic Conditions in the 2007 NSCH

Quick Guide to Data Query Topics: 2003/07 NSCH

Fast Facts about the 2003 NSCH

National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs

Fast Facts about the 2009/10 NS-CSHCN 

What's New In 2009/10 NS-CSHCN 

List of Conditions and Functional Difficulties 2009/10 NS-CSHCN 

Fast Facts about the 2005/06 NS-CSHCN

List of Conditions and Difficulties 2005/06

Fast Facts about the 2001 NS-CSHCN

Survey of Pathways to Diagnosis and Services (follow-up to NS-CSHCN)

Fast Facts about the 2011 Pathways 

National Health Interview Survey

Fast Facts about the 2011/12 NHIS (New Release)

Fast Facts about the 2012 NHIS Child CAM Supplement (New Release)

What's New in 2012 NHIS CAM Supplement (New Release)

CAM Groupings (New Release)

Glossary of CAM terms (New Release)